Our College Emblem

This college has a logo in which are inscribed the gopuram seal of Tamilnadu Government and the Tamil St.Appar's slogan 'En Kadan Pani Seidu Kidappathe'.

This logo also includes the followings:


This metaphorically refers to the development of the art of education in the famous Mummoorthis' birth place i.e., Tiruvarur.

Pasu Araichi Maniyai Illukkum Chittiram

It symbolizes the rule of the king Manunithi Chozha, who was noted for political justice and humanity at large, extending even to the animals.

Azhi Ther

This is one of the well known cities noted for the Thiyagaraja temple car.


This stands for the agrarian significance of Tiruvarur region.


Agalvilakku (mud lamp) symbol alludes to this college which is located in the famous city, bestowing upon the students community the brightness of education and knowledge.