Our College Student Scholarship

1.Central Government's Financial Assistance to Schedule Caste/ Tribe students (Govt.Of India Scholarship G.O. 2040 ADW Dt.20.10.89):

  • A. SC/ST student scholarship to only 2 children from a family.
  • B.The benefinaries' parents' annual income should not exceed Rs.65,490/-
  • C. The students should have earned more than 75% attendance in the previous academic year.

2.State Government scholarships to SC/ST students:

  • A. If two beneficiaries from an SC/ST or religiously converted SC/ST family are recipients of Govt. of India's scholarship already, a third member should apply for the state government scholarship only.
  • B.Such beneficiries' parents/ guardians should not have an annual income of more than Rs.50,000/- (G.O 529 Dt. 17.04.89).
  • C. The beneficiaries should have maintained more than 75% attendance in the previous academic year.

3.State Government Scholarship to Backward class students:

  • A. The beneficiaries' parents/ guardians should have an annual income of not more than Rs.50,000/-
  • B. The beneficiaries should have maintained more than 75% attendance in the previous academic year.
  • C. Those who failed the university exams more than once are not eligible for this scholarship.

Application for scholarship should contain the following documents:

  • Income proof
  • Community certificate
  • Copy of Transfer Certificate
  • Copy of Mark Statement

Applicants are advised to look up the notice board/ web site of the college for application dates and dead lines.

4. Incentive for Tamil Medium students:

The students who opt for Tamil medium education in graduate studies will be appreciated with a cash incentive of Rs.200/- per semester for two semesters.

5. Free Education Schemes:

A. All SC/ST students and SC/ST religious converts, including those who are not eligible for Central/ State Governement scholarships, are offered free education upto graduation, irrespective of their families' income status.

B. The first generation students from backward class families are offered free education upto graduation, subject to the following conditions, since 1990-1991:

  • No member of the beneficiaries' families should have received a university degree previously.
  • Income of the parents/ guardians should not exceed more than Rs.50,000/- per annum.
  • The applicant should be the first graduate student in the family (G.O 82 Dt.26.04.90).
  • Students from the Most Backward communities are offered free education upto graduation level (B.A./B.Sc./ B.Com)

6. Fee concession to Girl Students:

Since 1989-90 academic year, under the E.V.R. Nagammai Memorial Women Free Graduate Education Plan, girl students who join B.A./ B.Sc./ B.Com. studies and whose parents earn less than Rs.24,000/- have been exempted from paying tution fees. However, the beneficiaries should pay special fees ( G.O. 412 Education (G2) Dt. 13.04.09).

Note: If the recipients of scholarhsips, concessions and incentives discontinue their education, they should repay the governement all the monetary benefits they have enjoyed so far.