Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Quality Policy

We from Thiru. Vi. Ka Government Arts College strive to provide Quality Education in Arts, Science and Commerce disciplines as per the regulations given by Government of Tamilnadu and UGC to satisfy our stakeholders and promote quality aspects in every sphere of education. The Cell has been functioning actively in both Academic and Administrative activities of the college. Continuous monitoring and follow up leads to our Quality initiatives of our college.
The prime objective of the IQAC TVKGAC is to develop a systematic, conscious and consistent improvement to provide holistic academic performance of the institution.

Objectives of IQAC

1. Creating a student-centric atmosphere for holistic learning 2. To develop stronger Industry- Academia relation for benefit of staff and students 3. To promote Interdisciplinary and collaborative research 4. To enhance Infrastructure for Teaching-Learning and Administration

IQAC Strives to

1. Focus on the Current needs of the education field 2. Provide Continuous improvement in teaching-learning and evaluation 3. Use of latest technology for the betterment of students 4. Inculcate social responsibility and awareness 5. Appropriate decision-making

IQAC Committee
S.No. Category Name of the Member
1. Chairperson Dr. G. Geetha, Principal
2. Senior Administative Officer Mr. T.N. Dakshnina Gandhi, Superintendent
Mrs. J. Kavitha, Assistant
3. Teacher Representatives External Members
1. Mrs. V. Kannaki, Head / Associate professor of English
A.D.M. College for Women(Auto),
2. Dr. P. Mariyappan, Assistant Professor of Zoology,
Raja Serfoji Govt. Arts College(Auto),

Internal Members
1. Dr. C. Ajidha, Head/Assistant Professor of Tamil
2. Dr. R. Sathyabhama, Head/Assistant Professor of History
3. Dr. M. Nagentran, Head/Assistant Professor of Economics
4. Dr. G. Ramu, Head/Assistant Professor of Commerce
5. Dr. A. Shanmugavadivu, Head/Assistant Professor of Mathematics
6. Dr. S. Ilangovan, Head/Assistant Professor of Physics
7. Dr. C. Vijayaraj, Head/Assistant Professor of Chemistry
8. Dr. P. Rajaraman, Head/Associate Professor of Zoology
9. Mrs. S. Makila, Head/Assistant Professor of Computer Science
10.Dr. S. Hemamalini, Head/Assistant Professor of Visual Communica.
11.Dr. R. Senthilkumar, Head/Assistant Professor of Bussiness Admn.
12.Dr. S. Dharmarajan, Head/Assistant Professor of Botany
4. Nominees from local society
Mr. N. Jai Ganesh
Ms. Ibrahim Nachiya
Ms. Kanimozhi (Batch 2018-20)
5. Nominees from Employers
Mr. C. A. Balamurugan
6. NAAC Co-ordinator Dr. C. Alagan
7. IQAC Co-ordinator Dr. S. Hemamalini

IQAC Member
S.No. Name Department
1. Dr. K. Chandran, Assistant Professor Tamil
2. Dr. G. Saravanan, Guest Lecturer English
3. Dr. G. Nagarathinam, Assistant Professor History
4. Dr. M. Bharath, Assistant Professor Commerce
5. Dr. P. Ragu, Assistant Professor Economics
6. Dr. B. Vasudevan, Assistant Professor Mathematics
7. Dr. P. Sudha, Assistant Professor Chemistry
8. Dr. K. Durairaj, Assistant Professor Zoology
9. Dr. N. Haridoss, Assistant Professor Computer Science
10. Mr. G. Suresh, Guest Lecturer Journalism and Mass Communication
11. Dr. C. Kumaran, Assistant Professor Business Administration
12. Dr. A. Neethi, Assistant Director Physical Education
13. Dr. S. Hemamalini, Assistant Professor Documentation, Processing and Uploading
14. Mr. M. Gnanasekaran, Guest Lecturer Website Development and Maintenance
15. Ms. V. Visithra, CLP-Instructor Data Entry