Maintenance Procedures and policies

The college is administered through various committees headed by the principal for maintaining the physical, academic and support facilities of the college.

Advisory Council

The heads of all the departments, librarian and physical director headed by the principal discuss and decide distribution of the fund allotted by the government towards maintenance of the respective departments based on their needs.

Public Works Department

The physical facilities such as civil and electrical maintenance are being done by the public works department with the guidance of the principal. The allotment by the government for the academic year 2014-15 is utilised for maintaining the physical structures of the college campus under the headship of chief executive engineer followed by assistant executive engineer with a team of staff members. All the maintenance works of the college is done by the public works department.

Computer Maintenance Committee

A committee comprising of computer literacy programme coordinator and 1 senior faculty headed by the principal of the college recommends the requisites, repairing works and maintenance of the computers to the government.

The maintenance fund which is generated from the computer science student’s admission fee is utilised for minor repairing works of the computers that are functioning in the department of Computer Science.

Laboratory Maintenance Advisory Committee

The heads of the Science departments headed by the principal decide on the split up of the laboratory maintenance amount allotted by the government to be given to the needy departments based on their requirements.

Sports Committee

This committee comprising the physical director along with 2 faculty members of the college is headed by the principal. Sports complex comprising of gym and yoga room facilities is maintained from the sports fund.

General Campus Maintenance

The herbal garden is maintained by the students of Department of Botany whereas the gardening and plantations are done and maintained by the NSS student volunteers under the guidance of NSS staff incharge. The cleanliness of the campus is maintained with the coordination of NSS volunteers.

Campus conducive environment is followed in a regular basis by the following

  • Classroom furniture are checked and repaired regularly from the petty construction maintenance amount allotted by the government.
  • The college campus is maintained as Plastic Free Campus and Litter-Free zone by creating awareness through displaying posters and placards around the campus.
  • College has a well-set mechanism to perform auditing of materials in different departments and other facilities like library and laboratory instruments.