Our College Programme Outcome

Undergraduates: Program Outcomes (PO)

PO 1: Undergraduate students are engaged in day to day academics imparting the knowledge related to the programme they have enrolled and also to understand the basic concepts of the programme.

PO 2 : Undergraduate students are trained to be competent in their respective field and discipline.

PO 3 : Undergraduate students exposed to technical, analytical and creative skills to develop their confidence so that they can become entrepreneurs and also as a strategy to motivate them in being a responsible citizen of the country.

Postgraduates : Program Outcomes (PO)

PO 1 : Postgraduates are motivated to inculcate a broader perspective of their scientific programmes.

PO 2 : Postgraduates are engaged in research, projects, internships to explore their knowledge independently

PO 3 : Postgraduate students are given extra awareness on importance of effective communication and also provide opportunities to concentrate on analysing their technical skills which are essential to be a socially responsible citizen.

M.Phil. & Ph.D : Program Outcomes (PO)

PO 1: Scholars are supervised to adopt a new paradigm of self-learning to acquire the necessary knowledge.

PO 2: Newer thrusts of knowledge and implementation of innovative ideas are motivated in their research.

PO 3: Scholars are oriented to be self-responsible and also to become globally competent.